Online Gaming


By using Vanished VPN, you can enhance your gaming experience in many different ways. Let’s see how.


There are so many new games that are going to be launched in the near future. The waiting period can be exasperating. Games are generally launched on different dates in different parts of the world. Even if it is going to launch in the same week in your country, the difference of a few days can affect your performance. By using Vanished VPN, you can connect using the IP of the country where the game is going to be launched first and play it as soon as it’s out. This way you can become a better player and have the best performance. If we don’t have a server in the location you need, let us know, and we can normally deploy  one.


Let’s say you live in the USA but have to go to Germany for a few days. How will you stay connected to the gaming server when your IP changes? When you connect using the German IP, the game will force you to use their local servers. To make sure that you connect using a US IP, you can use Vanished VPN to connect to our US servers. You can connect using a US-based gaming server to ensure that you get a smooth gaming experience without having to switch the servers.


PlayStation Store is not available in all countries. While it’s available in a lot of places, there are many that are outside its network. If you live in one of those countries, you’ll need a VPN to connect to PSN. With Vanished VPN, you can log in, get the exclusive goodies, and enjoy. It’s best to begin gaming with Vanished VPN so that you can use the goodies on the server you have joined.


If you connect to a VPN server that is in the same area as the gaming server, you can cut back latency and lag. Vanished VPN servers are optimised for speed and deliver a better gaming experience.


There are many security issues on online gaming servers. There are admins who constantly keep a watch and monitor performance. They keep coming up with patches to overcome any possible bugs. Despite all these security measures, there are times when hackers are able to find vulnerabilities in the gaming server. When they do it, they can break into your account and steal your gaming inventory. They can even use your account to get access to your personal details such as your credit card numbers. When you use Vanished VPN, your account will stay safe and encrypted so that a hacker cannot break into it. This way, you have peace of mind while gaming online.


If you want to play a region-locked multiplayer game, you can do so with the help of Vanished VPN. Many times, servers are grouped together based on their language or the game is not launched in all areas. For whatever reason, if you’re unable to play a multiplayer game, you can use Vanished VPN and bypass all geo-restrictions. This way, all games available anywhere in the world will be at your disposal.


While it’s a common assumption that a VPN slows down the connection, the truth is that since it hides your connection from your ISP, it can actually end throttling. As you might know, your ISP chokes your connection for specific usage. For example, if you’re watching an HD video, playing an online game, or downloading a file through torrent, your network will be throttled down. When the ISP cannot see what you’re doing, they won’t be able to throttle your connection.